Reasons to Avoid Couch Sleeping

reasons avoid couch sleeping

Reasons to Avoid Couch Sleeping

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re proud of the mattress options we provide to all our clients. From Tempur-Pedic options to memory foam, latex and numerous other choices, we have all the mattresses you could ever need to choose from to get a great night’s sleep.

But, you might be saying, I don’t need a mattress! I can just sleep on the couch, which is just as soft and provides all the same qualities as a mattress for a fraction of the cost. Right?

Wrong. Even if you’ve slept on couches before without waking up in pain, you’re running some significant risks if you try to do this regularly. Here are some reasons why you absolutely need a mattress, not a couch, to sleep on.

Soft, Not Supportive

When you lay down on a mattress, you’re receiving engineered support for your back and the rest of your body as well. Mattresses help spread your weight out evenly, which helps you stay comfortable while sleeping and wake up free of aches or pains.

A sofa may seem soft and comfortable when you lie on it, but it simply lacks this same kind of support structure. Couches are designed for seated support, not laying support, and they don’t distribute weight the same way at all. Different parts of your body will be supported to different degrees, and this heavily raises the chances of waking up in pain.

Temperature Issues

Another part of the design that goes into your mattress relates to temperature regulation. The body needs to be at an optimal cool temperature range for the best sleep, and mattresses combat warmer temperatures that might invade your space.

Again, couches don’t do this at all. Even if the room you fall asleep on a couch in is fairly cool, your body heat has nowhere to escape to from under the covers and will circulate through your body and into couch cushions. When you wake up in an uncomfortable sweat after sleeping on the couch, this is usually why.


Apart from actual comfort areas, couches come up far short of mattresses in terms of basic cleanliness as well. The sofa is used for many other things besides sleeping, and will be contacted by numerous people and possibly pets if they’re in the home. They also aren’t regularly washed, like sheets, covers and mattress covers all are (or should be, at least).

Proper hygiene plays a big role in sleep quality, and your sleep will suffer if you regularly sleep on a dirty couch. And even if you wash your couch cushions regularly or take the expensive step of regularly steam-cleaning them, you still deal with the other issues we listed above.

For more on why sleeping on a sofa is a bad idea compared to a mattress, or to learn about any of our mattress options available, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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