Serta Foam SouthPoint



The SouthPoint Plush mattress combines GFX Memory Foam,  Serta’s Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam with a premium all-foam support system. This mattress also features 2 layers of Serta’s PillowSoft™ Foam, an extra-soft foam that gently contours the body to provide enhanced cushioning.

Designed to Help Solve 5 Common Sleep Problems:
1. Tossing and turning
2. Lack of Support
3. Sleeping Too Hot or Cold
4. Partner Disturbance
5. Mattress Roll-Off and Sagging

1. Helps reduce tossing and turning with Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam

2. Encourages proper back support and alignment with the ComfortLast® Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Foam Encasement.

3. Each Perfect Sleeper mattress design works to promote airflow to help regulate sleep surface temperature, allowing you to sleep more comfortably with fewer temperature swings.

4. Our state-of-the-art support systems are designed to help reduce motion transfer from one sleep partner to another, so you can stay asleep even when your partner moves.

5. Resists sagging and edge roll-off with Serta’s ComfortLast® Foam Core plus Ultimate Edge® Foam Encasement.

Top Upholstery

  • 1” Cool Action™ GFX Memory Foam
  • 1″ Serta PillowSoft Foam
  • 2” Cool Action Gel Memory Foam
  • 2″ Serta PillowSoft Foam

Support System

  • 6” ComfortLast® Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Foam Encasement

Approx. Mattress Height

  • 10″