Nashville Broadway Pillowtop



The Nashville Broadway is a medium feeling mattress. It features Pillowsoft Foam to give the feel of a plush cloud like sleeping surface at an affordable price.

The Nashville Adalina mattress is made with the Verti Coil Support® 504 Innerspring. The design helps promote proper back support and Minimizes impact from partner movement with our offsetting design with 2-way motion isolation. Resists sagging and edge roll-off with a firm edge wire


Comfort Level = Medium to Plush


Main Features

Quilt Layer

  • Pillowsoft foam

Upholstery Layers          

  • Support Foam

 Support System

  • Verti Coil Support 504 Innerspring


Mattress and Foundation Heights

Mattress Height- Approx 10”

Foundation Height Approx- Standard 7” or Low Profile 5.”



5 Year