Mattress Price Ranges: Low and Medium Tiers

mattress price ranges low medium

Mattress Price Ranges: Low and Medium Tiers

Like with any other high-value item you’re considering purchasing, price will be an important factor for any new mattress purchase. We all want to get a great deal, of course, but some buyers who are either new to this world or haven’t bought a mattress in many years may also have a more general line of questioning: What price range should I be in based on my needs?

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re here to help. We stock a wide selection of mattress price ranges, from those for under $600 to options well into the thousands of dollars, with ideal choices for a variety of sleeping types, budgets and more. What are the various price ranges to be breaking down mattress options into, and what can you expect to find within each of these ranges? This two-part blog series will dig into this question.

Under $200

The very cheapest mattresses out there will be available for under $200, but you must enter these situations knowing you won’t be getting much for your money. These mattresses generally are made from lower-quality materials, and will only have thickness ranges from 6-8 inches in most situations.

There are several materials that might be available in this range, including foam, innerspring and hybrid. But most of these materials won’t last anywhere near as long as similar materials of a higher quality.

$200-$400 Range

Getting into this price range, you’ll see some better material options. Thickness will increase into the 8-10-inch range, which is generally what’s recommended for optimal comfort while sleeping.

However, these materials are still a ways away from top-of-the-line. They’ll still be cheaper in some cases, and will have shorter lifespans than other options.

$400-$600 Range

Once you get up to $400 or perhaps a bit higher, you’re entering the territory where higher-quality materials are standard. This is also the range where you begin to see 10-year warranties coming standard with many mattress purchases, though this is not a guarantee and will depend on your vendor.

There are several materials available here, including innerspring and hybrid. One drawback, however, is firmness – you usually will only have a few template choices here, where at higher price ranges there will be more variability in this area.

$600-$1,000 Range

Here’s a range where you start to have a much wider array of options, including for firmness. You’ll also have way more choices in terms of height preferences for the mattress, which will almost always come with a warranty at this price range – and it might be longer than 10 years.

This is also the range where you’ll start to see certain unique mattress materials. Options like latex and certain airbeds are often priced in this range, though they may be of lower-quality than some others.

For more on the various price ranges available for your next mattress purchase, or to learn about any of our materials or other solutions, speak to the team at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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