Mattress and Other Variables for Guest Bedrooms, Part 4

mattress variables guest bedrooms

Mattress and Other Variables for Guest Bedrooms, Part 4

In several previous sections of our multi-part blog series, we’ve gone over a number of different themes to consider when purchasing a mattress and mattress accessories for a guest bedroom. From the size of mattress you choose to the material, accessories and related comfort items placed in the room, there are several important variables to consider as you make these choices, especially if you host guests regularly.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re proud to provide a variety of ideal guest bedroom mattresses, from king and queen mattress options for couples or families to smaller choices, adjustable beds and numerous accessories. In today’s final entry in our series, we’ll go over a few additional room amenities you should be considering when it comes to putting the final touches on your guest bedroom mattress and overall space.

Fresh Linens

While we might not think about sheets losing their freshness quite as often for our own beds, this is something that’s vital for guest bed areas – especially in homes that regularly host varying guests. Sheets can lose freshness pretty quickly, including even after a single use or two in some cases.

Generally speaking, we strongly recommend washing and changing sheets and linens between each new guest in the room. If a single guest or group is staying for a prolonged period, find a convenient time to wash the linens at least once during their stay. Also be sure you have enough pillows and blankets on-hand for everyone staying in the room no matter which season of the year it is.

Lighting and Fans

Before guests arrive, take a quick spin around the room and confirm that any lighting or fan fixtures present are working properly and have no hazards associated with them. If there isn’t enough light in the room for the number of guests you expect, consider placement of lamps in certain areas, such as on the bedside for reading. If there’s no ceiling fan in the room, especially during the warmer summer we’re in now, consider placing a portable fan in the room instead.

Alarm Clock

While many of us assume this isn’t necessary in the age of smartphones, not all guests will own such a device or utilize this feature. Older guests, for instance, often prefer a traditional alarm clock visible on the nightstand.


Finally, both while considering your mattress purchase and in an overall sense, it’s important to ensure there’s enough space in the guest bedroom for everyone visiting. This means not only physical space for moving around, but also storage space for clothing or other items, plus space to keep additional linens and bedding in case of differing needs.

For more on designing a guest bedroom from the mattress on out, or to learn about any of our memory foam, innerspring or other mattress materials and styles, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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