Mattress and Other Variables for Guest Bedrooms, Part 1

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Mattress and Other Variables for Guest Bedrooms, Part 1

We’re proud to assist a wide variety of client needs at 2 Brothers Mattress, and one distinct area we’ve helped numerous clients with is purchasing a mattress and various accessories for a guest bedroom setup. No one wants their guests to be uncomfortable in their home, and there are several fantastic products we offer for guest bedrooms that will not break the bank, from smaller mattresses in homes that regularly have individual guests to larger queen and king mattresses for those who regularly host couples or families.

What are some of the important variables you should be thinking about as you consider how much to invest in a guest mattress and accessories, plus which materials to use, which size to select and several other factors? This multi-part blog series will go over everything you need to know about purchasing a guest bedroom mattress and other bedding products, starting with the key variables to consider ahead of time.

Use Frequency

The first important area to think about will be how often the guest bedroom itself will be used, which will play a big role in how much you invest into it. This is a question of price tag to some degree, yes, but also of comfort and durability.

As beds age, they tend to sag with more and more use. They hold the greatest softness and cushioning near the early parts of ownership, and higher-quality materials will retain this for longer. If you don’t plan on having guests very often, your most cost-efficient move might be a lower-cost mattress that will take quite a while to wear down due to lower volume – but if you host regularly, we recommend spending a bit more for a mattress that will last.

Size Considerations

Another big area to think about is the size of the bed, which also will depend in large part on your standard guest format. If you regularly host single individuals, you can likely get away with a full or even twin bed – but if your common guests are couples or families, queen or king bed sizes should be considered.


Unless you only host a single repeated guest regularly and this person has specific firmness requests, we recommend going with a medium or medium-firm level to cover all your bases here.

Guest Preferences

Down similar lines, you might be able to consider very specific comforts if you only host the same guest regularly – but even if you don’t, you can consider basic sleep needs and preferences. Make sure proper airflow and cooling capabilities are present, for instance, to allow for varying comfort levels in terms of temperature. Also ensure the mattress chosen provides the proper level of support.

For more on choosing the right mattress and bedding accessories for a guest bedroom, or to learn about any of our mattresses or other services, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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