Finding the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Position

Finding the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Position

There are a lot of different things that can affect the quality of your sleep, and one of the most important is your mattress. However, there is more to buying a mattress than just finding a comfortable one. While that is a good criteria to look for, it’s important to understand the best types of mattresses for different sleep positions. Here are some tips for finding the perfect mattress that fits your sleep style.

Different Mattress Types

While there are hundreds of mattress choices available at 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah, there are only really four basic mattress types (and within each, a range of styles and options):

  • Innerspring – a traditional mattress made of springs and coils with layers of foam and fibers for padding on top.
  • Memory Foam – a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that responds to heat, molding around your body as your sleep.
  • Latex – a spongy material that comes from synthetic or natural rubber that contours the body and provides instant support.
  • Airbeds – different from the portable air mattresses you might take camping, an airbed uses chambers filled with air for support instead of coils or foam. They also generally have a comfort layer of foam, latex, or fiberfill on the top and are adjustable to your preferences by inflating or deflating the air chambers.

The Best Bed for Your Sleep Position

Now that you are familiar with the most common types of beds available from 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah, here are some recommendations for which bed is best suited to each different sleep style.

Cute couple sleeping together on their bedSide Sleepers: Since sleeping on your side can create pressure points in areas where your body sticks out, such as your shoulders and hips, it is best to have a plush mattress that provides good support without being too firm or too dense. Memory foam has become a popular favorite for side sleepers because of its ability to form to your body’s contours, keeping your spine in good alignment while you sleep and preventing pressure points that cause loss of blood flow to your extremities.

Back Sleepers: If you tend to sleep on your back more often, you need a mattress that provides a higher level of support, particularly for your lower back, and can go with something that is more medium to firm. Something that helps you maintain the natural lumbar curve (the inward curve that your lower back has naturally) will support the muscles and spine while you sleep. Memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses can provide good support for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: If you frequently sleep on your stomach, having a bed that is more firm will keep your chest and hips from sinking down lower than the rest of your body, which will result in back and neck pain. Innerspring mattresses and airbeds provide the best option for these sleepers.

There are many mattresses today on the market that also allow you and a partner to have separate sleep surfaces (such as firm on one side and medium or plush on the other) so you can get a bed that fits both of your sleep styles well. You may also want to consider a split bed that has two separate pieces, one for each of you, that can be customized according to your needs.

Getting the right bed is critical to a good night’s sleep, and you can find all the varieties you want, plus knowledgeable sales people to help you navigate the right bed for your needs, at 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah.

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