Fall and Winter Bed Sheet Considerations

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Fall and Winter Bed Sheet Considerations

While we’re still a ways away from the cold season here in Utah, the weather has finally begun to turn from the hot summer to cooler periods of the year. Fall is upon us and could quickly give way to frozen ground and winter temperatures before we know it – and one area that many people are thinking about this time of year is sleep temperature. 

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re here to provide not only a huge selection of mattresses for clients around Salt Lake City, Provo, American Fork and other parts of Utah, but also to offer many helpful sleep accessories – including a wide variety of bed sheets. Sheets play a big role in regulating temperature while asleep, and many people prefer to utilize different sheets during the cooler parts of the year to help in this area. Let’s look at why you might consider changing sheets in the upcoming months, and which factors you should be considering for your purchase. 

Why Some People Change Sheets in the Cooler Periods

Firstly, let’s spend a minute discussing why some individuals opt to switch sheets when temperatures start to fall. Everyone has different preferences, but generally speaking, opting for a warmer set of bed sheets can help in creating a cozy and comfortable sleep environment. This is especially true if you’re looking for cocoon-like warmth while tucked in underneath the covers at night. 

At the same time, any sheets you purchase for this need also must be able to regulate temperature. If our bodies become too warm as we sleep, we can quickly become overheated and this is generally not conducive to a good night’s rest. Look for sheets that are both cozy enough for the colder conditions but also made with materials that don’t trap heat. 

Our next few sections will go over some key sheet qualities to be considering as you go about this search. 


Naturally, one of the first and most important aspects of any set of bed sheets you consider purchasing for the colder months is material. This can vary, with many people opting for flannel in particular as a winter sheet option. 

Other materials to be thinking about are jersey cotton, linen and microfiber – each have their own unique properties that may help them stand out from the others. This is one area where consulting with professional sleep experts can be particularly helpful for the right selection. 


Down related lines, weight can also play a role in the selection of bed sheets you purchase. Generally speaking, people may opt for thicker materials during colder months, as this allows the body to stay warm and cozy while sleeping. This is something that should be present throughout any material you select – whether it’s flannel or otherwise – as it will add an extra layer of comfort during the winter temperature.

However, as we noted above, you must be sure to find the right balance here. Too heavy of a material can lead to overheating while asleep, offsetting some of the benefits that come from having cozy sheets during the colder months. 

Thread Count

There’s a tendency to always think that a higher thread count is “better” when it comes to sheets, but this isn’t always the case – particularly when it comes to winter sheets. Again, this is an area where consulting with sleep experts can be particularly helpful as you make your decision. 

Once again, the concept of overheating is relevant here. If you purchase sheets with a higher thread count for the winter, you can find yourself unable to sleep due to excess warmth during the night. However, if done right and in combination with the right material and weight, a higher thread count sheet can be perfect for adding an extra layer of coziness.

Other Bed Layering Approaches

In addition to purchasing the right kind of sheets for the winter, you might also consider layering for extra warmth. This can involve adding a blanket and/or comforter to your bedding setup, with the idea being that this will provide even more insulation while sleeping in colder temperatures. 

This is an area where you don’t have to go overboard – adding two or three layers of blankets can work just as well as having a single heavy blanket, while still providing the same level of warmth. At the same time, this also gives you room to adjust and take off layers if you find yourself becoming too hot during the night. 

Ultimately, whichever combination of sheets, blankets and other bedding products you choose for colder temperatures in the fall and winter is up to you – but it’s important to make sure that you consider all the relevant factors so that you can get a comfortable and restful sleep. 

2 Brothers Mattress is here to help, with experts on hand to answer questions and provide guidance in making your selection. Whether it’s a new set of sheets for winter or any other type of mattress accessory for clients around SLC, Provo, American Fork or other parts of Utah, 2 Brothers Mattress is here to provide the perfect solution!

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