Dangers of Sleep Deficiency and Weight Gain

sleep deficiency weight gain

Dangers of Sleep Deficiency and Weight Gain

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we spend our days helping you and many other clients get the best night of sleep possible through our various mattress options. Whether you require a soft or firm mattress, an adjustable bed or one of our numerous accessories, we’re here to bring you the products you need to get a better rest each night.

Many of us, particularly those who have experienced sleep issues in the past, know how negatively they can impact us in several areas. Did you know, however, that a lack of regular sleep is directly connected with weight gain in many people? Let’s look at how one physical condition here can often lead to the other, plus how a good night of rest can limit this risk.

Lack of Sleep and Food Quantities

One of the many effects of sleep deprivation on the body is the way it changes brain chemistry and production of hormones. One hormone that’s produced less often on low sleep is leptin, the hormone that signals to our brains that we’re full and don’t need to eat anymore – but one hormone that’s produced more often is ghrelin, which tells the brain we’re hungry and need more food.

Because of this, research has shown that those who are sleep-deprived eat nearly 400 additional calories per day compared to those who are not. This comes without any significant reduction in calorie burning.


Not only do we take in more food on average when we don’t get the proper sleep, our bodies struggle to process it as well. Sleep deprivation leads to a higher rate of production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which causes the body to store calories as fat as part of its natural response. On top of this, insulin in the body doesn’t function as well, and your blood sugar levels are higher – once again, this leads to more calories being converted into fat.

Poor Impulse Control

Being sleepy on a regular basis makes you far less able to control your impulses, which means you’re more likely to eat poor foods as well. In particular, those with low sleep are known to eat high-fat or high-carb foods that cause them to gain weight.

Lack of Exercise

As we noted above, lack of sleep is likely to raise your average calories consumed. But it’s also likely to lead to fatigue on a daily basis, which limits your ability to exercise and burn many of these same calories. So sleep deprivation is really risking weight gain from two angles: More food, and less exercise to burn it off afterward.

For more on how good sleep can decrease weight gain concerns, or for information on how our mattresses can help you achieve the sleep you desire, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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