Choosing Between Firm and Soft Mattress Options

choosing firm soft mattress

Choosing Between Firm and Soft Mattress Options

For those in search of a new mattress, the modern marketplace offers a virtually unlimited range of choices. From various material options to numerous sizing templates and even adjustable bed variations available, numerous different kinds of sleepers can get the perfect mattress to bring them a comfortable, healthy night of sleep.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, whether you’re considering one of our adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses or several other high-quality products we offer, one of the top factors to consider is the firmness or softness of the mattress you’re purchasing. There’s been significant research over recent decades regarding body support and comfort while sleeping, particularly how a firmer or softer mattress option plays into this area. Let’s go over a few of the broad concepts to consider when making this choice, plus why a firm or soft mattress might be the right call for you.

Sleep and Spinal Positioning

One of the top purposes of any good mattress is to support the spine and neck during sleep, vital foundational areas of the body. When the spine and neck are properly aligned and supported, numerous bodily areas function optimally – from lung expansion and breathing to proper circulation and limiting of muscle or joint pain.

On the flip side, bad spinal or neck alignment while sleeping can limit each of the above areas, plus stop the body from completely relaxing at night. This will lead to both less sleep and poorer sleep quality, plus the potential for aches and pains each morning. Because of this, choosing a mattress that properly supports your body type and preference is very important.

Muscle Relaxation

So how much support does your body need? Well, some research has shown that it’s beneficial for the bones to have at least some resistance placed on them during sleep – this forces them to support the rest of the body, in turn sparing the muscles this job and allowing them to relax. This kind of muscle relaxation is very important for circulation, and the bone support also causes you lower and mid-back to remain well-postured.

Firm Mattresses

For many people, the above is achieved most easily using a firmer mattress option. These choices keep the back supported and stop it from sinking into the mattress too far, offering the kind of resistance your bones need to take the pressure off your muscles during sleep each night.

Soft Mattresses

In other situations, some sleepers may prefer a softer mattress option that provides more cushion. Some prominent candidates for these mattresses include back and side sleepers, who require more cushioning that conforms to joints and the spine in these positions. In the end, though, much of this comes down to personal preference, comfort and how you feel each morning.

For more on choosing between a soft and firm mattress option, or to learn about any of our new mattresses, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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