Benefits of Varying Memory Foam Price Ranges

Benefits of Varying Memory Foam Price Ranges

All of us have different priorities when it comes to our money and the products we buy, and nowhere is this more clear than in the realm of mattresses. Even within one particular mattress area – memory foam – you see a variety of priorities from buyers.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we have a memory foam mattress for you no matter what your pricing and quality desires are. There are many people for whom a cheaper option will be best based on their needs, plus plenty of others who should likely be considered a more premium option. Here are some benefits of each.

Advantages of Cheaper Memory Foam

  • For starters, the simplest and most obvious benefit: It costs less. If you can get the benefits you need from a mattress for a lower cost, why not do it?
  • Softness: In some cases, less expensive models of memory foam are softer than others. This is because they’re made of less dense material. On the flip side, though, know that this will often be less durable as well.
  • Gel: Many cheaper models are starting to come with gel mixed in with the foam, which helps with coolness.

Advantages of Premium Memory Foam

  • Long-lasting: Premium options last much longer than cheaper ones, often by orders of magnitude.
  • Gel: Almost all premium memory foam models have gel, which will help with coolness as we noted above.
  • US-made: Many cheaper memory foam options are not made in the US, and the quality control won’t be quite as good. On the flip side, premium models are more commonly made domestically.
  • Denser: Premium memory foam models come with denser foam. This makes them more durable, but also a bit firmer. They provide excellent support and have a slower “sink” than cheaper models.

For more on memory foam options, or to view any of our mattresses, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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