6 Signs You Desperately Need a New Mattress

6 Signs You Desperately Need a New Mattress

Too Early for WorkAfter a long, hard day your bed should be a peaceful and restful place for you to hang out, a haven of comfortable sleep. Unfortunately for many people it’s a battleground where tossing and turning are the norm, and you spend half of your night just wishing you could fall asleep and stay asleep. If you are not sleeping comfortably it might be time for you to get a new mattress from 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah. Here are 6 signs that you desperately need a new bed.

1: You Would Rather Sleep Anywhere Else

If your family room recliner, the couch, a hotel bed, or even the concrete patio in your backyard are starting to look like more enticing (and more comfortable) places to sleep each night, it’s a sure sign your mattress is not doing the job for you anymore. Since you spend about one-third of your entire life in bed, it should be a restful place where you look forward to sleeping each night.

2: You Wake with Aches & Pains

Sleep is a vital part of our body’s healing process, and on the right mattress your body is able to use the time to rejuvenate tired, sore muscles and joints so you can wake feeling refreshed. If those first few minutes getting out of bed are downright painful with aching joints and sore muscles, your bed probably isn’t providing very good support anymore.

3: You Can See the Mattress Insides

The coils and springs inside your mattress are designed to provide support, but when they start poking out you have a problem. Often over time springs and coils in an innerspring mattress will stretch out and weaken, so they can’t support your body weight anymore. When that happens, the only thing to do is get to 2 Brothers Mattress and find a replacement.

4: The Mattress is Filled with Lumps and Bumps

Can you see a perfect outline of your body on the mattress? Unless you just got up from your memory foam mattress and the material is in the process of springing back, lumps and bumps and indents in a mattress are a bad thing. Most people sleep in the same spot on the bed night after night, so that’s the area where the bed will wear down first.

5: You Purchased it More Than a Decade Ago

Most mattresses are designed to last about 7 to 10 years. If you purchased your mattress sometime before Ashlee Simpson was still making Billboard’s Top 100 and President George W. Bush’s was reelected for a second term, it’s time to get a new bed. The great news is that you can find a huge selection of affordable and comfortable mattresses at 2 Brothers Mattress to get you started.

6: You’re Finding it Difficult to Breathe

Over time your bed will collect allergens, dust, and other undesirable things. If you are sniffling and sneezing every night and it gets better when you get out of bed in the morning, it’s probably something in your mattress.

Find Your Perfect Mattress at 2 Brothers Mattress

The great news is that even if you are experiencing one (or all) of these 6 signs, there is still hope. Now is a great time to shop for a new mattress so you can get all the comfort and great sleep that you deserve. Visit 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah at any of their convenient locations along the Wasatch Front to see the choices you have and find the one that is perfect for you.

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